WHat is TONIC?

A branding & design company based in Bristol. TONIC believes that branding & design shouldn’t be intimidating, over-complex or done for the sake of it.

TONIC works alongside small businesses to get to their heart, find out what makes them tick and what they hope to achieve, injecting ideas and creativity to help them to grow. Specialising in reviving and restoring a business’s brand, TONIC design, develop and create brands in collaboration with their clients.

What I offer includes print & digital campaigns, branding & re-branding, graphic design & artwork.



TONIC is the solo venture of me, Christine Kavanagh. It didn't start out that way, as some of you will know, but I'm so glad that I've stuck with it. Originally from Ireland, I've been in the UK for over 15 years. Having lived and worked in Cardiff, Brighton and Manchester, I finally settled in Bristol...it stole my heart, I love it here. 


Why have I set up TONIC?

My aim with TONIC is to create a business that helps translate client’s ideas into brands that they can be super proud and help drive their success. Having worked as a freelancer, alongside my full-time career, for 11 years, I knew I already loved the experience of working with small businesses.

Building relationships with clients is a real bonus for me and I’ve got clients that I’ve worked with for over 6 years now. That’s something that you don’t always get that when working in-house.

Small business owners are passionate about what they do, they are motivated to get results and when they value the effect that good design and branding can have on those results it’s a match made in heaven. I get to be part of their journey. And that’s always exciting.


Why choose TONIC?

There are lots of agencies and designers to choose from. So why on earth should you choose TONIC?

I focus on face to face interaction with clients. I feel that to truly translate your business into a winning brand I need to fully understand what you do and why. Email, phone calls and Skype are great for keeping in touch during projects but I believe to really establish a relationship with my clients I need to sit down face to face and talk first.

TONIC is all about making it easy for you. No jargon. No bullsh*t. I want to work alongside my clients, your opinion is paramount to what we create and together we can help shape what comes next. Ultimately, I want you to love what we’ve produced and beem with pride when you show it off.

Honesty is key for me and if I think we’re going the wrong direction I’ll say and I’ll never encourage you to spend time or money on something I don’t believe you need.


What experience do I bring to you?

In a nutshell…

  • I have a degree in Visual Design Communications (that’s fancy words for Graphic Design or communicating in a visual way).
  • I’ve worked as a freelance designer for 11+ years for a huge variety of clients. Industries like fitness, restaurants & bars, and recruitment.
  • Spent 3 years working in TV for Endemol West & Red Fig Productions as a Graphic Designer & operating live on-screen graphics.
  • Worked in a corporate environment for 5 years with Computershare. Developing and leading the design team as part of the marketing team.
  • Worked in the charity and education sector at We the Curious (formerly At-Bristol Science Centre) for 5 years. Also managing the design team.

Which means…along with some other smaller design roles at the beginning of my career that’s a total of 15 years commercial design experience you’re getting and a whole lot of passion for what I do.


What am I in to?

I’ve always skipped straight to the ‘hobbies & interests’ section when reviewing CV’s. You get a great insight into people and what makes them tick. So it only seems fair that I include my own and you can make your own judgements about what they say about me..

  • Rugby – watching not playing, I’m Irish and 6 nations season is a great way to get through winter!
  • Gin – drinking it & admiring all the wonderful packaging designs.
  • Stationery – I’m a total stationery pervert…I make no apologies for this.
  • Pilates – I’m currently training to be an instructor. I love its’ healing benefits.
  • Weight training & running – this comes in waves of effort levels but I should do it more as I’m one of the weirdos who really enjoys it.
  • Food – cooking it, eating it, sourcing it.
  • Music – all of it. Well maybe not all of it. Most of it. Especially live at a festival.
  • Solving problems, learning from others and working with exciting people – all things that running my own business gives me in spades.

And of course, my family. Proud mother to my 15-month-old son, Fionn, wife to Nigel…and, like most of you I’m sure, all the hard work really is for them.