“Having worked with Christine since the infancy of my business I can truly say she has helped me create a brand I can be proud of.

She understands and listens to my needs and creates the perfect designs to support my business. They are professional, slick and always on point with very few changes ever needed. By listening at the start it cuts out all of the problems further down the line and this is what TONIC are brilliant at – listening and detail.

When you are running your own business you have so many different plates to juggle, not just the service your customer sees. Being supported by a company that understands this means you can concentrate more on what you are good at and leave the rest to them, knowing 100% that they will deliver not only a good service but a brilliant one.

Would I go anywhere else? Absolutely not. I don’t see TONIC as an outsourced service, it's integral to my business, Christine has taken the time to know me and what I want and this means she is part of my company and will continue to be as I grow. I would most definitely recommend Christine; she will listen and deliver and she most certainly goes above and beyond expectations. Thank you TONIC!”


Sarah is owner, founder & fitness legend at Fit2Drop. She specialises in pre and post-natal fitness and has been getting mums fit and fabulous for over 6 years through specialist PT, pilates, bootcamps and retreats. TONIC manage design and branding for Sarah.

COMING SOON - Fit2Drop's shiny new website...watch this space!